Who is Stieneke Tulle-Gifts?

Who is Stieneke Tulles-Gifts?

 Once upon a time........, this is how this story could begin, almost like a fairy tale. But first of all, before I tell you this "fairy tale", I would like to introduce myself to you. I am manageress of STIENEKE TULLES-GIFTS in Spaubeek (NL) and my name Tina Rouwette.

 Since 1985 Stieneke Tulles-gifts has been a concept for quality in the Netherlands. Since then our business permanently grew and delivers the "Thank-you-Gifts" over the country boundary out, also to you.

 I wrap sugared-almonds (also called bridal-sugar) into Tulle, trim them with ribbons, silk flowers, feathers and other accessoires. These Tulle-gifts are thought as a little "Thank-you’s" for your Weddingguests.

 Earlier - and also still today - it was/is a custom for the couple to thank their guests by sending a card (after the marriage), saying: "Thanks for the flowers, Gifts", etc.

 Now you have the opportunity to say "Thank-you" in an entirely different way. Take your time looking at our products in order to get an impression of what we do.

 “Thank-You’s” – Handmade with care, they are an ideal gift for a Wedding, Anniversary, or the Birth of a Child.  “Thank-You’s” – The personal touch; thanking each Guest for their Gift, and taking part in making your day a Success.

Read a little story on the next page, how this all began.  

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Sincerely yours,

 Tina Rouwette